Are you looking to cut costs and increase your bottom line? The answer for most businesses is “yes” – but often they don’t know where to start. With print being one of the biggest expenses in an office, taking a look at your print environment is a good starting point. Investing in printer upgrades can actually save you money in the long run, while also increasing productivity and expanding functionality. To see if upgrading is the right choice for you, consider these money-saving factors.

Reduced Downtime

Older printers tend to break down more often, requiring expensive repairs. At the same time, while the printer is down, your employees cannot do their work as efficiently – or sometimes at all. This costs you even more money, and the longer the printer is out of service, the more it costs.

By upgrading to a newer printer, you are getting a more reliable machine. With your printer staying online more, you can get more done, and ultimately saving money.

Energy and Supply Costs

Printers are on all day, using energy and raising your electric bill. New printers are more energy efficient, with built-in sleep modes and other energy saving features that can save you money.

It can be difficult to find supplies for older model printers, adding to your costs. When you upgrade to a new printer, supplies are more readily available and cost less. Replacement parts for repairs are also typically less expensive.

Time-Saving Features

Printing is an important part of your business. When you upgrade to a new multifunction printer, print-related tasks can be done more efficiently, often directly from your desk. With software features, you can streamline workflows, automatically upload to the cloud, and utilize mobile printing for enhanced efficiency. These features can also increase your security for further cost-savings.

Print is one of the largest expenses for businesses today, making it a good place to start when you’re looking to cut costs. Though it seems counter-intuitive, with print the old adage “you need to spend money to make money” can actually be true. Upgrading your printer can help you save time and money, making it a valuable choice for your company.