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The Challenge of Converting to Digital Documents

Do you still do business on paper? If so, you’re not alone. As much as 80% of business processes still utilize paper, despite today’s technological advancements in electronic workflows and data management. Questions about return on investment, benefits, and utility may have you hesitating on going digital – but converting to a digital document workflow is an important decision for many businesses.

Benefits of Digital Documents
Paper is not only expensive, it can slow your business down. When you convert to digital documents and electronic workflows, you can take advantage of today’s newest technology to get the most out of your data. By going digital, you can see benefits including:

Lower overhead and storage costs
Improved productivity
Easier and more efficient searching
Improved collaboration
Improved ability to audit
Better security and easier regulatory compliance.

These factors combined typically equate to a positive return on investment for businesses, making it a smart financial decision to go digital. Though not all industries can go completely paper-free, taking any steps to eliminate paper can provide benefits.
How to Go Digital
To get the most benefit out of your digital conversion, it’s a good idea to convert paper documents to digital as close to their creation as possible. This means scanning customer forms upon receipt, or having information submitted digitally from the start. Once the information is digital, it can be forwarded to the appropriate applications, departments, and users, and organized for storage. By integrating it into a data management solution, your data can be more efficiently and thoroughly utilized both now and over time.

Many businesses start by using a method of document capture which only creates an image of the document, which can be stored and viewed digitally. However, the better method […]

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How Document Management Can Help Your Business to Grow

Despite the trend towards a paperless office environment, most businesses continue to use paper in their day to day operations for a variety of common tasks. In order to ensure your important documents remain secure and accessible, it’s important that you implement a document management system that encompasses both hardcopy and electronic information. Xerox ConnectKey-enabled MFPs and apps can help you achieve your goals for a more organized document environment so you can spend less time managing your information and more time growing your business. Read on to learn more about the benefits of document management, and the many ways it can help your organization to succeed.
What is Document Management? 
An effective document management system enhances the process of handling documents throughout each stage of development, sharing and storage. With the right methods of organization and security in place, document management can help to cut printing costs, increase productivity and improve document workflow, while keeping your sensitive data safe from the threat of theft or damage.
Key Benefits of Document Management
Document management is about more than just reducing your paper usage, with a number of significant benefits that include:

Cost Savings – In a hardcopy-based document environment, the cost of file storage, paper, toner, printer maintenance, filing, staff, and more can have a negative impact on your bottom line. By converting documents to digital you can free up valuable square footage and reduce expenses related to document sharing, filing, retrieval and reproduction.
Secure Backups and Disaster Recovery – Hardcopy documents can be lost, stolen, or damaged while those in the cloud remain secure, and routine backups help to ensure your information is available when and where you need it.
Ease of Collaboration – Document sharing and collaboration is simplified by storing […]

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How ConnectKey is Changing Small Businesses

Do you ever wish your printer was as easy to use as your phone? Apps have made it easy to do complex tasks with a simple swipe, and Xerox has brought the power of apps to it’s ConnectKey-enabled printers. With a large suite of apps, businesses of all sizes can find solutions to everyday problems.

More and more companies are going digital. With ConnectKey apps, small businesses can harness the power of the cloud directly from the printer.

The Xerox Scan to Cloud Email app lets you scan your documents to a variety of formats, including PDF, TIFF and JPEG. With no email setup required, these documents can be sent right from the printer.

Visit the Xerox App Gallery for more – here you’ll find apps that allow you to scan directly to cloud storage, including DropBox and Google Drive. You can easily create searchable PDFs or editable Word documents to make your job easier.
Mobile Connection
From business travel to working from home, today’s employees are working on the go. If you don’t have access to a printer, it can be hard to get the job done. But with the Xerox Mobile Link app, you can scan, print, and fax wherever you go directly from your phone or tablet. This app keeps the work going, whether in the office or on the road.
Go Global
Even small businesses have a far reach, thanks to the Internet. The Xerox Easy Translator Service can automatically translate your documents into over 40 languages and connect you to professional translator services via your phone, PC, or printer.
App Gallery
As your business grows, your needs will change too – and your ConnectKey-enabled MFP with the Xerox App Gallery will grow with you. With a wide variety and growing suite of apps, […]

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Enjoy These Benefits With Managed Print Services (MPS)

Managed Print is a service that can help businesses to better manage their entire print environment, streamline workflows, reduce costs and improve productivity. While managing the company print environment often falls to the bottom of the priority list, the fact is, print is a significant expense for most companies. It can typically cost from 1 to 10 percent of annual gross revenues.

MPS allows businesses to outsource the day-to-day operation of their print environment to maximize efficiency, streamline workflows, and lower overall print costs. Services can be designed to meet a company’s specific needs.

Here are five benefits you’ll enjoy with a Managed Print solution.

Strategic Management – An MPS partnership can extend beyond simply monitoring devices and usage. It’s a comprehensive approach that can include security, mobile print solutions, and implementation of cost-cutting strategies.
Adjust to Network Changes – Print connectivity is a part of every MPS plan. Whether you’re adding workstations, networking new devices, or relocating assets, resources can be scaled quickly to keep operations running efficiently.
Free Up Valuable IT Time  – By removing print trouble-shooting from your IT team’s to-do list, MPS can free their time to focus on core technological initiatives.
Supplies, Repairs and Regular Maintenance – Monitoring usage means that you’ll never run out of supplies again! Network monitoring identifies and repairs potential issues before they become problematic. Supplies, regular maintenance, and repairs are usually covered in an MPS agreement.
Significant Cost Savings – The major benefit MPS can provide is significant cost savings. Monitoring and management can lower your costs by up to 30% almost immediately.

Implementing a Managed Print Services solution can reduce your costs, streamline workflows, update your fleet, and boost productivity. If you’re ready to learn more, give us a call for a free print […]

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Look For These Services From Your MPS Provider

How much do you spend on print? If you’re like most companies, you probably don’t know. Printing can be a higher cost than you think – it’s typically the third highest cost for a business – just behind rent and payroll. There’s a lot to be gained by getting a handle on your print environment – and a Managed Print Services provider can help. They’ll take a comprehensive look at your print environment to help you control and lower costs, starting with optimizing your existing print assets.
What to Look For in a Provider
An MPS relationship begins with a print assessment. A provider will examine the current state of your print environment and workflows. They’ll offer solutions for optimizing your existing print fleet and suggest supplementing if necessary. If you’re considering taking an MPS approach, ask your potential provider how they’ll handle these tasks.

Billing Predictability – One major benefit of MPS is consolidating your variable (often out-of-control) print costs, turning them into a predictable monthly expense, payable to a single vendor.

Needs Analysis – An assessment starts with a complete inventory of your current print environment and monitoring usage over a fixed time period. Your provider will then develop a plan based on actual data.

Streamlining – Local desktop printers can generate hidden costs. Streamlining your fleet to several strategically placed multifunction devices can lower costs and improve workflows.

Replacing Inefficient Printers – Old technology costs more to operate, uses more consumables and requires more frequent repairs. Replacing old tech with newer, energy-efficient devices can lower costs.

On-Demand Supply Ordering – Unmanaged office supplies can cost you big time. An MPS provider will monitor usage to provide on-time, on-demand supplies.

Beyond the Basics
Most MPS providers will address the […]

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5 Time Management Tactics to Prevent New Manager Burnout

Being promoted to manager is one of the most exciting and rewarding steps in your career. However, after all of the congratulatory messages die down, the harsh reality that there is not enough time in the day to take care of business sets in.

The most common mistake that new managers make is trying to do it all. They’re constantly juggling taking care of their own workload while making themselves available to others. While working 15-hour days may work in the beginning, new managers will quickly burn themselves out if they don’t get a better handle on time management.

Below are time management best practices that new managers can implement to prevent burnout:

1. Understand when to say “no.”

As a new manager that is eager to succeed on the job and make a good impression, it can be very tempting to accept any assignment that comes across the plate. However, it’s not always the manager’s best use of time to take on every assignment. If the task is not mission-critical for your team, you need to learn to say “no.”

2. Be selective with the meetings that you attend.

Most employees attribute meetings to being one of the biggest drainers of productivity in the workplace. It’s not always necessary to attend a meeting to arrive at a resolution. Before accepting a meeting invitation, ask yourself if the issue at hand can be resolved with an email. If it’s absolutely necessary to meet, use an agenda to keep the meeting on task.

3. Proactively audit your calendar.

It’s not unusual to set up re-occurring meetings on your calendar; however, over time, it may no longer be necessary to have that “check-in” meeting. Being a new manager usually means maintaining a full calendar. Proactively […]

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3 Valuable Reasons to Upgrade your Printer

Are you looking to cut costs and increase your bottom line? The answer for most businesses is “yes” – but often they don’t know where to start. With print being one of the biggest expenses in an office, taking a look at your print environment is a good starting point. Investing in printer upgrades can actually save you money in the long run, while also increasing productivity and expanding functionality. To see if upgrading is the right choice for you, consider these money-saving factors.
Reduced Downtime
Older printers tend to break down more often, requiring expensive repairs. At the same time, while the printer is down, your employees cannot do their work as efficiently – or sometimes at all. This costs you even more money, and the longer the printer is out of service, the more it costs.

By upgrading to a newer printer, you are getting a more reliable machine. With your printer staying online more, you can get more done, and ultimately saving money.
Energy and Supply Costs
Printers are on all day, using energy and raising your electric bill. New printers are more energy efficient, with built-in sleep modes and other energy saving features that can save you money.

It can be difficult to find supplies for older model printers, adding to your costs. When you upgrade to a new printer, supplies are more readily available and cost less. Replacement parts for repairs are also typically less expensive.
Time-Saving Features
Printing is an important part of your business. When you upgrade to a new multifunction printer, print-related tasks can be done more efficiently, often directly from your desk. With software features, you can streamline workflows, automatically upload to the cloud, and utilize mobile printing for enhanced efficiency. These features […]

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Useful Tips to Improve Your Small Business’ Customer Support

Many businesses spend thousands of dollars to promote a positive brand image. The fact is, your customer support is often the first contact your customer has with your business and making it difficult to get the help they need can eliminate your positive brand image pretty quickly in the digital age!

So, how can you improve your customer support so your customers are getting the help they need, when they need it? Here are some tips to improve your customer and tech support to build on your positive image:

• Offer Support 24/7

If you have the bandwidth to do it, offer 24/7 phone-based customer support. There’s nothing worse than calling customer support when you need them and getting a recording telling you to call back during business hours.

• Enable Alternative Contact Options Like Text-Based or “Live Chat” Options

As more millennials enter the workforce, 1-800 customer support isn’t cutting it. Raised on texting, SMS and social media, they are seeking different contact options. Text-enabling customer support is a forward thinking move, as millennial customers are interested in the immediacy of contact. Live chat removes barriers to support and it’s fast and easy to type a message from a homepage rather than searching for an address or taking the time to call a 1-800 number.

• Incorporate Social Media

In order to provide the customer support expected in today’s marketplace, businesses must invest in, and incorporate, social media into any program. Responding and engaging over social media can take your customer service to new heights!

• Hire the Right Representatives and Give them Some Room to Work

Your customer support reps are often the point of first contact for your customers. They are your brand ambassadors. They engage with customers and represent who you are as a company. Build a […]

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What is Managed Print Services and How to Find the Right Provider for Your Business

When most people think of Managed Print Services (MPS), the first thing that typically comes to mind is a partner that oversees printers in a workplace.

While this is true, the overall objective of engaging an MPS provider is to gain visibility and control over printing costs. Ultimately, this will help your organization to save money and boost productivity. 

Managed Print Services takes into account the total cost of managing and optimizing printers, the output of each device, and the people and processes that rely on the devices. Other key printing tasks overseen by MPS include technical support and maintenance as well as consumables such as paper and toner.

Surprisingly, printing costs are often overlooked by many organizations; however, this cost can amount to as much as 15 percent of a company’s annual spending. By outsourcing print management, you have the opportunity to cut printing costs by as much as 30 percent.

In addition to helping your business cut printing costs, Managed Print Services can also help you with other important initiatives, such as your commitment to go green and strengthening document security.

With so many MPS providers out there, it can be difficult to distinguish the best partner for your business. Here are some qualities that a good MPS provider should offer:

Completes a thorough print assessment on the front-end. 

Before recommendations can be made regarding your print infrastructure, a good MPS provider will conduct a thorough print assessment on the front-end of your relationship to identify areas for improvement. 


Proactively identifies problems before they become issues.

A good MPS provider will proactively monitor your printers and address any issues before they interrupt workflows. 

Enhances your efforts to go green.

An MPS provider can help you to create a paperless workplace by offering solutions […]

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How to Boost Productivity With Electronic Document Management

One look around your office will tell you all you need to know about paper: it’s everywhere. Chances are there is a collection on top of each desk or work surface, and much more stored inside desks, storage cabinets, and file drawers. In an effort to become more eco-friendly, many organizations have adopted procedures for recycling, purchasing more products made from recycled materials, and implementing rules for printing to reduce paper usage, but the problem remains. Fortunately, there is a solution to the generation and inefficiencies surrounding paper usage: digital storage.

This type of electronic document management system can alleviate the burden typically associated with hardcopy documents, including copying, filing, document retrieval, theft, or loss. In addition to streamlining document workflow, there are a number of additional benefits, including:

Increased productivity. Document management requires a great deal of time and effort, from creation to storage, which could be better spent on other aspects of your business. Converting hardcopy documents to digital for secure storage in the cloud, instantly increases productivity, as employees are able to locate the documents they need with the click of a button. Business owners can view the activities of each department, helping to determine which areas may require assistance, and which are successful, and great strides can be made in customer service as information can be readily located.
Improved security. Paper records may be damaged, stolen, or destroyed in the event of a natural disaster such as fire or flood. Digital records are a permanent solution to these potential issues, and with multiple layers of security and routine backups, your information remains safe and confidential.
Enhanced collaboration. The mobile workforce is rapidly increasing, thanks to the variety of mobile devices which allow for fast, easy communication between employees, […]

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