Despite the trend towards a paperless office environment, most businesses continue to use paper in their day to day operations for a variety of common tasks. In order to ensure your important documents remain secure and accessible, it’s important that you implement a document management system that encompasses both hardcopy and electronic information. Xerox ConnectKey-enabled MFPs and apps can help you achieve your goals for a more organized document environment so you can spend less time managing your information and more time growing your business. Read on to learn more about the benefits of document management, and the many ways it can help your organization to succeed.

What is Document Management? 

An effective document management system enhances the process of handling documents throughout each stage of development, sharing and storage. With the right methods of organization and security in place, document management can help to cut printing costs, increase productivity and improve document workflow, while keeping your sensitive data safe from the threat of theft or damage.

Key Benefits of Document Management

Document management is about more than just reducing your paper usage, with a number of significant benefits that include:

  • Cost Savings – In a hardcopy-based document environment, the cost of file storage, paper, toner, printer maintenance, filing, staff, and more can have a negative impact on your bottom line. By converting documents to digital you can free up valuable square footage and reduce expenses related to document sharing, filing, retrieval and reproduction.
  • Secure Backups and Disaster Recovery – Hardcopy documents can be lost, stolen, or damaged while those in the cloud remain secure, and routine backups help to ensure your information is available when and where you need it.
  • Ease of Collaboration – Document sharing and collaboration is simplified by storing information securely in the cloud. Data can be accessed from any location where the internet is available and multiple users can view, share and update files simultaneously.
  • Enhanced Workflow – The efficient movement of documents through each stage of creation, sharing, review and storage can boost the speed of business processes. Xerox ConnectKey-enabled devices help to simplify document conversion with scan-to-cloud technology that allows you to store your information in popular cloud-based services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Office 365, while Xerox ConnectKey apps let you customize workflows to include shared network folders, scan-to-email, FTP, USB and more.

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