Many businesses spend thousands of dollars to promote a positive brand image. The fact is, your customer support is often the first contact your customer has with your business and making it difficult to get the help they need can eliminate your positive brand image pretty quickly in the digital age!

So, how can you improve your customer support so your customers are getting the help they need, when they need it? Here are some tips to improve your customer and tech support to build on your positive image:

• Offer Support 24/7

If you have the bandwidth to do it, offer 24/7 phone-based customer support. There’s nothing worse than calling customer support when you need them and getting a recording telling you to call back during business hours.

• Enable Alternative Contact Options Like Text-Based or “Live Chat” Options

As more millennials enter the workforce, 1-800 customer support isn’t cutting it. Raised on texting, SMS and social media, they are seeking different contact options. Text-enabling customer support is a forward thinking move, as millennial customers are interested in the immediacy of contact. Live chat removes barriers to support and it’s fast and easy to type a message from a homepage rather than searching for an address or taking the time to call a 1-800 number.

• Incorporate Social Media

In order to provide the customer support expected in today’s marketplace, businesses must invest in, and incorporate, social media into any program. Responding and engaging over social media can take your customer service to new heights!

• Hire the Right Representatives and Give them Some Room to Work

Your customer support reps are often the point of first contact for your customers. They are your brand ambassadors. They engage with customers and represent who you are as a company. Build a team of talented, reliable and trustworthy individuals and make sure they understand your product, service and brand. Give them the freedom to do the right thing without always needing permission. Make sure to train them well and set protocols and limits beforehand to avoid potentially costly problems.

Your customer support is an important part of building your brand identity and integrity. Take the time to hire correctly and train your reps. They can help you to grow your business and reputation, and the results will go directly to your company’s bottom line.