When most people think of Managed Print Services (MPS), the first thing that typically comes to mind is a partner that oversees printers in a workplace.

While this is true, the overall objective of engaging an MPS provider is to gain visibility and control over printing costs. Ultimately, this will help your organization to save money and boost productivity. 

Managed Print Services takes into account the total cost of managing and optimizing printers, the output of each device, and the people and processes that rely on the devices. Other key printing tasks overseen by MPS include technical support and maintenance as well as consumables such as paper and toner.

Surprisingly, printing costs are often overlooked by many organizations; however, this cost can amount to as much as 15 percent of a company’s annual spending. By outsourcing print management, you have the opportunity to cut printing costs by as much as 30 percent.

In addition to helping your business cut printing costs, Managed Print Services can also help you with other important initiatives, such as your commitment to go green and strengthening document security.

With so many MPS providers out there, it can be difficult to distinguish the best partner for your business. Here are some qualities that a good MPS provider should offer:

Completes a thorough print assessment on the front-end. 

Before recommendations can be made regarding your print infrastructure, a good MPS provider will conduct a thorough print assessment on the front-end of your relationship to identify areas for improvement. 


Proactively identifies problems before they become issues.

A good MPS provider will proactively monitor your printers and address any issues before they interrupt workflows. 

Enhances your efforts to go green.

An MPS provider can help you to create a paperless workplace by offering solutions to digitalize files and automate document workflows. In addition, the use of efficient machines can help to reduce the amount of consumed energy.

Continuously monitors your print environment.

The best MPS providers are constantly looking for solutions to improve your printing processes, which will ultimately save you time and money.

Please contact us to learn more about how an MPS can manage your print infrastructure so that you can focus on your business.